To be honest, despite so much problems and concerning issues, Pakistan is still a fertile ground of talented professionals, particularly in software development, website designing, search engine optimization and IT related services.

I.T Outsourcing

Information technology has been enabling millions of businesses around the world get smarter and more profitable We welcome all businesses, small and large to consider IT outsourcing as a opportunity to reduce costs and increase efficiency. We ensure quality work, dependable support and off course very attractive pricing for all kinds of IT services.

Off shoreOutsourcing

There had been a very encouraging emphasis by Pakistani government and educational sector in the country that Pakistani IT industry is continuously being enriched by highly talented human resources. At the same time, different other steps like tax break, subsidized rules and priority for information technology sector has made software development and web development a lucrative activity both for business as well as professionals.

Why Outsource to Pakistan:

  • Priority industry in Pakistan
  • Tax holiday for information technology industry in Pakistan
  • Availability of low cost but highly talented workforce
  • Low cost of software development and website development in Pakistan
  • Pakistanis are good at communication in English
  • Excellent infrastructure to do financial transactions for projects
  • Fast and reliable internet services are available in Pakistan
  • Pakistani government and companies are continuously investing in new hardware upgrades to make services better.

Software Outsourcing

In short, doing software outsourcing to Pakistan is totally profitable to organizations worldwide. You can set up your offshore development offices here in Pakistan and get advantage of cheap workforce without compromising on quality.



Soft Solutions works hard to create practical and business generating solutions for its clients. Our portfolio is the place where we feel extremely proud. Years of work and thriving businesses aided with out technology is what makes us get more innovative in our next projects.

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