When it comes to talking about a new website development there are several discussions take birth. The main thing to be considered is that whether you have to go through an open source web development service or a custom website development service is a good option for you. Well, if you are also suffering from the same question then the following discussion will make you able that what is the better option for you?

Open Source Web Development

Open source website is a previously designed website that offers predesigned functionalities and features. The functions and features are easily available in the market. These functions and features require little changes to personalize the development and designs according to your needs and requirements. But, there are certain limitations come to see in the open source functions and features. 

Open Source Web Development

Custom Web Development

In contrary to open source website development, Custom Website Development is an entirely different thing. It is built from scratch. The developers develop the website from zero to the extent that is according to the requirements. There is no limitation in functionality. You can develop and add as much functionality as much you need to complete your business profile. 

The following are the main differences that make an open source web development different from a custom website development: 

  • Cost of Development

For most of the users, one of the main concerns is the cost of the projects or website development. Custom website development is more costly as compared to the open source website development. But, custom website development proves as more convenient in the future because it allows you to add any required function to offer completeness to your business or brand that is not possible through open source development service. 

  • Time Frame

We can save a lot of time while going through open source services as compared to the custom web development which takes a lot of time to be accomplished. Plenty of plugins, themes, and layouts are available in the market that we can easily add to accomplish an open source website within a less consumption of time. But, for custom website development, we are required to develop everything on our own that is why it is a time-consuming task.  

  • SEO Services

One of the main Benefits of Custom Web Development is that it offers the best Search Engine Optimization, SEO setting opportunities to optimize your site into the search engines. Custom development offers a better-structured content management system, CMS to optimize your content rather than an open source CMS which is limited to some extent. For a website to get a good rank in search engines SEO plays a vital role. 

  • User Experience

As being an online business or brand our first and core effort is to offer users a good experience to get loyalty from users and to build a strong bonding between user and business. For delivering a satisfactory user experience visual attraction, easy-to-use platform, and efficiency in performance are the most necessary services. All these services can be made more vibrant through custom web development services. However, on the other hand, the open source web development services are limited to bring such efficiencies to your websites.

  • Clean Codes

By a custom website, we find clean and clear codes generated by the developers. Developers take care of both front end development and back end development to make your website clean and secure. Whenever you need to get clearance in any query the developers can easily assist you. However, a website through an open source system is not as clear and secure as a custom website is. The queries and codes are limited to perform specific functions. 

  • Innovations

You are required to bring some additional features or want to invent a new thing on the website you can do this function by both of the sources. Through an open source system, you can do this thing with the help of some additional plugins and queries. But for a custom website, you are required to get the services of a Professional Developer. Plugins may be available free of cost but you have to pay to a developer while running a custom project. 

Support and Maintenance

  • Support and Maintenance

If you are going through a custom website then you are provided with the complete support and maintenance from website development companies you hired. The development companies offer after service opportunities to the users. But, if you are going through an open source website you can never claim to anyone for support and maintenance. Once you have bought a theme and a plugin then you won’t be provided any after service opportunity.

  • Security

You can get better security of the website if you have developed it through a custom web development service as compared to the website designed through an open source. The reason behind it is that hackers have less access to the custom codes and they may have easy access to the codes generated through an open source because these are common and general codes. For a business, security is the main concern to be active and efficient among competitors.

This is The Time To Make A Decision

From the above discussion, we have obtained a complete comparison between an open source website and a custom website. Now, this is the time to make a decision that what is the better option of web development in Pakistan to start or run your business. Well, it comes to see that if you want to start your website with a lower budget, you are having no longer time, and you are not looking for a website with extra and unique features then an open source website is a good option for you. However, if you are not suffering from any of these mentioned questions then you should go through the option of a custom website to get a better experience to regulate your business.

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