Are you working as a travel company, tourist development organization, travel agency, or resort then you have to be associated with the travel industry. So, to be associated with the travel industry you have to use travel technology solutions or require travel portal development to perform your task accurately. Because of efficiency in your performance and task you can attract or retain the customers to beat the market competition. Those travel companies that want to be flexible, need easy to use solutions aimed to control or automate their online presence, travel portal software is superlatively suited to them. Under the command of travel technology solutions, you will get a wonderful experience to promote your business in the world and to beat your contemporaries.

Now the question is that how to build an online travel portal with such technology solutions or advanced functions? And what is the cost of the online travel portal development? Well, here we come with the solution for you. first of all, you have to know the factors that affect the cost of the travel portal development services. Then you have to choose the company that can offer you professional services within a reasonable price range. So, while continuing this article you may get the proper solution at the end.

Features and Functionality

Factors affecting the Cost of Travel Portal Development

  • Choice of Business Model

The choice of the business model directly affects the cost of the development. You can, generally, find two types of business models i.e. B2B and B2C. B2C business model is for the travel agencies that directly sell their services or products to the consumers. However, on the other hand, the B2B business model is for the travel companies that are interlinked with other travel websites or businesses to sell their products or services. Users are delivered a general idea that there is not much difference in the development cost. However, it comes to see that B2B model development is a little more costly than that of the B2C development cost. Here is a suggestion for you to choose the business that suits you according to your business nature and services. 

  • Features and Functionality

For every single website, features and functionality directly affect the cost of the web development services. This is the basic factor because every signal website requires some kinds of features and functionality to perform its tasks accurately. A normal website is, obviously, charges less than that of the websites that are developed with the extra or advanced features and the same case is applied to the travel website. A normal travel website cost exists between USD 2000K and USD 5000K. However, the cost will be increased with increasing technologies and features.

  • Location of the Development Team

Another factor that affects the cost of the development is the source from where you are going to hire a development team. Companies that are located in the developed countries such as the USA and Europe charge significantly higher than that of the countries that are located in Asia. 

  • API/GDS Integration

API/GDS Integration plays a significant role in the development of the travel portal website.  With the help of API/GDS integration, a travel agency can get easy access to a large number of hotels, tours, railways, flights, or rental car services. You are not required to reach out to the individual hotels, airlines, and other services with API/GDS integration services. However, a website with API/GDS integration is, obviously, completes under the high cost than other websites without this integration.

  • Security of Your Travel Portal

For every single website, security does matter. But, for a website like a travel agency where you are required to make online transactions security is the main concern. So, you are highly recommended to chose a development plan with security services. Most of the development companies offer 3d verification codes or captcha. These are the helpful features to secure your business but, no doubt, these features charge you extra.

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  • Payment Gateway Integration

Online transaction or payment integration is the basic need of online travel agencies. To build trust with your customers you have to offer a safe and easy to use payment method. The integration of payment methods does also affect the overall cost of your travel portal development.

  • Design of the Website

Today we are using several devices for internet surfing or browsing websites. For example, we are using android phones, iPhones, desktops, laptops, and tablets, etc. For every single device, the design of the website changes. In order to be popular among the customers or a good competitor among your contemporaries, you need to design a website that is responsive to every single device. However, to build a responsive design or website development services online, you are required to pay extra charges. 

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Average Cost of a Travel Portal Development

However, the following chart is showing the average rate of the developers for the average travel website development from different regions:



Average Development Cost


The US

$30- $50


Eastern Europe









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