Do you want to build the online presence of your business? It sounds good, but for this purpose, you have to develop the websites? Today, we use different sources to develop websites. For example, we can hire freelancers and, at the same time, we can hand over the project to the website development companies. But, the question that knocks our minds is that what is the better option? Should we move on with the freelancers or should we think about the website development company? Do you also stuck in the same question and are impotent to make a better decision? Well, we would ask you to remove all the signs of worry from your face. Here we come with a complete comparative discussion between freelancers and website development companies.

Pros of Freelancer

The following are the pros to hire a freelancer developer:

Pros of Freelancer

  • Flexibility

By hiring freelancers you can offer your project to expert hands with flexible access. Independent developers are available at the short notice to fulfill the sudden demand of tasks.

  • Reduced Risk

You are hiring a freelancer developer, which means you are reducing the risk rate. For example, if you are not satisfied with the freelancers' performance then you can fire the freelancer with short notice and can save or hand over your project to some other trusted hands.

  • Money Saving

Freelancers are, comparatively, cost-effective. An independent freelancer always comes with lower charges or rates as compared to the website development company.

  • Quality Work

Independent workers or freelancers are experts in some particular field. in this way, while making a fine search you can hire an expert freelancer in a particular field who can offer you quality work.

Quality Work Development Company

  • Worldwide Reach

Today we can find a lot of platforms with easy access and plenty of freelancers. Through these online platforms, you can reach worldwide freelancers to select the best one according to your needs.

Cons of Freelancer

The following are the possible cons to hire a freelancer:

  • No Supervision

The main con to hiring freelancers is that you cannot supervise them. Freelancers work from their own places so you cannot take the idea whether they are spending full hours on the project or they are completing the tasks in half time and spending the rest of the time on scrolling Instagram or Facebook.

  • Lack of Training

As we know that freelancers work remotely so you cannot give them proper guide and training that what you are looking for. In such a situation, you cannot deliver proper ideas to freelancers and they may miss the crucial details from the project while designing or developing it.

  • They Might be Disappeared

Hiring a freelancer may be a loss for you if they will disappear. For example, you are going to hire a freelancer and you are spending your time to guide him or her that what you want to have for a particular project. All things are done and your freelancer does not reply to you back. Just imagine what you feel in this situation?

  • Loyalty

Freelancers are not as loyal to your project as a full-time employee is. For example, freelancers are engaged in multiple tasks. Do not think that they are only serving you. They mingle with multiple projects at a single time. So, your project may get some issues like overdue and bad coding. 

  • Security Issues

The freelancers do not always from the same country or region where the client is. They may have some exceptional security and work rules from what the client has. So, you might be failed to enforce a law. So, in the case of any security reasons you may face some losses.

Pros of Website Development Company

The following pros you can get by hiring a website development company:

  • A Reliable Website

If you are a non-technical person then you do not know that what a reliable website is. Even sometimes your freelancers are also not so familiar with a reliable website concept. But, web development services know what actually it is. So, for a reliable product, we always recommend you to hire a professional website development company.

  • Professional Designers and Developers

A website development company always hires professional staff for every single aspect. So, to hire a website development company means you are going to hand over your project into professional and safe hands.

  • Latest Technologies

Web development services always use the latest technologies and trends for development purposes. Freelancers do not always take care of the latest technologies and trends. So, you will have responsive products if hire a website development company.

Latest Technologies development

  • A Trustworthy Relationship 

You can easily locate the website development companies and can make meetings with the team leaders and developers. So, in such a way you can make a trustworthy relationship with a website development company.

  • On-Time Delivery

The website development companies always take care of the needs of clients. They always complete the targets within the given timeline. So, if you are going to hire a website development company, it means your project will never overdue.

Cons of Website development Company

The following are the possible cons you may get while hiring a website development company:

Pros of Website Development

  • Time Consuming

Website development company takes a lot of time to complete a project. Actually, they work through a proper strategy. They have separate teams for every single task. For example, the designing team, developer team, marketing team all are working separately. So, it takes time to complete the project.

  • High Cost

As compared to a freelancer, a website development company especially, an ecommerce website development company is expensive. A company has professional teams for every single task. So, it has to pay a higher amount to staff.

  • Lack of Flexibility

You cannot call them anytime for any action. They work under a proper working schedule or timetable. So, there is no flexibility if you work with a website development company.


From the above discussion, one can easily take the idea that what is the better option i.e. to hire a freelancer in Pakistan or hire a web development company? Well, in order to give your business or project a professional look, you have to hire a professional team. For this purpose, a website development company is a basic recommendation. If you are looking to hire a professional website development team then contact us today and get the complete website development consultancy from our expert developers.