The lockdown situation in Pakistan was purely surprising. No one can expect that he will face such a hectic situation in life. The whole of the world was prohibited from all types of activities. Educational institutes were closed, markets and plazas were closed, businesses were limited, flights were cancelled, even every signal aspect of life was totally paralyzed. The only way to be connected with others is to take support from social media platforms or digital media. To bring more ease and potential comfort the digital media organization and professionals worked hard to make possible the latest innovations. Now, here the question that takes birth is that what role the digital media played? Whether the digital media got improved to facilitate people in Pakistan or it got failed to fulfill the expectations of the masses.  Well, the overall situation we faced and the benefits we obtained during the lockdown all allow us to say that yes! The digital media of Pakistan improved due to lockdown.   

Improves Education System

This is How Digital Media of Pakistan is Improved Due To Lock Down

Well, the following facts allow us to comprehend that how the digital media improvement took place during the lockdown: 

  • Improvements of Digital Media in Education System

With the announcement of lockdown from across the country, every educational institute became ambiguous that how to manage the work. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, the education system got disrupted a lot and the educational institutes, as well as students, faced a lot of challenges and losses. But, the overall situation made Pakistan able to think about digital media and then we started taking benefits through digital media. It was the digital media because of which online classrooms system becomes possible. However, digital media helps in several aspects of life. For example, online video classes, online tests, online evaluation, online examination, and many other ideas were introduced or promoted. The educational institutes used predefined learning management systems and developed their own learning management systems to cover the education necessities in Pakistan. 

  • Improvements of Digital Media in Businesses

Almost all types of businesses were shut down or limited during the lockdown. Most of the companies such as the IT industry, start working remotely. They were just required to make proper communication with their clients and staff which is quite possible through some social apps such as Skype, Whatsapp, and messengers, etc. So, the businesses could get in touch with clients and staff members to perform the duties accurately.

Moreover, the necessities of people turn them to learn the digital media. People start working online by establishing their own digital or online presence. People started becoming familiar with the development and use of websites and mobile applications. By establishing their online or digital presence people started selling goods. We can find a lot of examples of grocery apps, food delivery apps, medicine delivery apps, and many others.

Digital Media Health Solutions

  • Digital Media Improves Health Solutions

The lockdown situation allowed digital media agencies to introduce the concept of telemedicine and remote diagnostic ideas. Patients can take a complete session with their doctors about their health through online meetings. This initiative has also helped to improve digital media in Pakistan. The delivery of medicine and other medical equipment has also been done during the lockdown.   

  • Digital Media and Entertainment Industry

With the closure of media industries, including cinema halls and theaters, etc. people start using Youtube and other media channels to grow the entertainment industry in Pakistan. Media channels start broadcasting their shows and other entertainments through Youtube and other media channels. This thing gives people the advanced level concept that how to use digital media to earn by showing their content to the masses. Besides YouTube, there are several other apps and platforms introduced that are not only the means of entertainment but users who provide good content to viewers can also earn a handsome amount.  

  • Digital Media Improves The Relations

With the help of digital media, we also have largely reduced the expanses between us and our beloved people. Today, we are not required to consume our time and money to visit our friends, family members, and other acquainted persons. We just unlock our phones or computers and get connected with our beloved people. This thing helped us a lot to be familiarized with our people during the lockdown. As we know that no one was allowed to walk freely on the roads. So, digital media never made us feel nostalgic and bored.

Improves Financial Status

  • Digital Media Improves Financial Status

Where digital media offers benefits in several aspects of life, at the same time, it also helped us a lot in saving money. While getting all of our solutions at our doorstep the cost of travelling has been reduced greatly. Now we do not book transport to visit the educational institutes, offices, or markets, etc. we just unlock our smartphone or any other smart device and get connected with the world.

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