Front end development is known as a skill or practice in web development because of which a front end developer can design HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for a particular designated website. The main objective of front end web development is that the developers make the users interact with the websites. Front-end developers take the files of the website designing and convert them into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript which is known as the core performance of the front-end developers. The main performance of front-end development results in design, layout, content, images, buttons, internal links, and navigation.

This front end web development leads the back-end development process which is known as the completion of website development. Indeed without front-end development, a website can't be accomplished. This is the reason that front-end development is of great importance in the development field. But instead of this, it has seen that some of the developers or programmers do not prefer front-end development and they decide to choose some other programming areas over front-end development. However, the idea of this fact we can conclude after going through the possible pros and cons of the front end development. The below-given discussion would make us able to know whether the front-end development is an interesting and valued skill/profession or not:

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Advantages of Front End Development

The following are the major advantages that a front-end developer can gain in his/her life:

  • Quick Development

The most vibrant advantage of this website development segment or front-end development is that this segment can be accomplished quickly. The credit of quick accomplishment goes to the latest technological innovations or frameworks that have made the front-end development process possible.

  • Secured Environment

The second major benefit or advantage of front-end development is that almost all the frameworks and tools provide front-end developers with a secure environment of coding or development. The frameworks do not only offer security to the set codes of the developers but they also offer complete security on several browsers.

  • Easy To Learn

The tools, languages, or frameworks used to perform front-end development are easy to understand, learn, and use. The main front-end development technologies used to perform a hundred percent task are included in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Photoshop, etc. These tools or equipment are used to complete over 90% of the development task. If a person can get a good grip on these tools then he can easily get a good command of front-end development.

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  • Creativity

Front-end development is all about creativity. A front end developer is just provided an idea from the clients about the project. It is the task of the front-end developer that how to implement the ideas of the clients into a lifelike shape. Front-end developers, sometimes, design more than one idea to bring clarity to the chosen tasks.

  • A Growing Field

As we have discussed above that without front-end development the back-end development or the completion of your web development project is not possible. That is why the profession of front-development is still growing and front-end developers are highly demanded persons in any software or web development company.

  • Career Opportunities

Because of the high demand in the market front-end developers, who are professional in their work, can easily grab a good position in a good software company at a reasonable salary package.  

Disadvantages of Front End Development

The following are the major disadvantages that a front-end developer can face in his/her life:

  • Difference In UI

Front-end developers claim that the UI is not similar across the platforms or browsers. It is said by a front-end developer on the social platform discussion that the UI looks different to several browsers and this is the reason he hates front-end development. He mainly showed that he hates the uncertainty in front-end development.

  • Front End Technologies Are Immature

It is claimed by the front-end developers that unlike back end development the front end technologies are new or immature. However, it may take time for the technologies to be popular and to remain long.

  • Custom Development

If not to all but to some of the elements every single website relies upon the custom designing or feature. This customization makes developers reliant upon some frameworks. The use of a framework does not only limit the creativity of the developers but they also come under the boring situation while using the same framework time and again.

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  • New Versions and Updates

Many developers also put a claim that while learning a tool or language developers try to overcome specific technology and on completing their learning they find the new versions and updates in that particular tool or language. This is another main reason that the developers want to leave the front end development.

  • Latest Designing Trends

Almost all the software or website development companies look for a developer who is up to date according to the latest versions and updates of the tools and languages. This is the reason that, sometimes, the front-end developers face many challenges while securing a job in a development company. So, they prefer to involve themselves in some other development fields and areas over front end development.


So, from the above discussion, we got to known the possible advantages and disadvantages of the front end development. Developers who are satisfied with the benefits of front-end development can compromise or manage the drawbacks that are possible in this profession. However, on the other hand, those developers who do not find the advantages of front-end development better over the drawbacks, the profession of front end development is far away from their preference.

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