Today mobile application is not a new term to hear. The new generation is completely familiar with mobile application uses and mobile or android app development. However, the older of back generations have also become familiar with the uses and development of mobile applications and this all has become possible because of the too much involvement of the mobile applications in the daily pursuits of life. We can say that the trend of mobile applications or mobile apps is familiar alike among all the generations. Here we would like to extend our discussion with the ideas that how the mobile application trends were evolved? What is the current trend? And what is the scope of android application development in Pakistan? So, here we go.    

How The Mobile Application Trend Started

If we throw the light on history then we find that the first smartphone was developed and launched in 1993 by IBM. The smartphone was featured with a calendar, calculator, world clock, and a contact book. However, today, the definition of the smartphone has now been changed. Today a mobile phone without a camera and a map is not said to be a smartphone.

Well, with the passage of time most of the mobile phone companies started working to emerge the latest technologies and features into mobile phones. In recent times Nokia, Sony Ericson, BlackBerry, and some other names introduced the latest features in mobile phones to convert them into smartphones.

Scope of Android App

However, in the 21st century the mobile companies such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and many others have totally changed the concept of mobile phones and today the mobile phones are showing distinctive and amazing features and all this has become possible with the invention of the mobile applications or mobile apps. So, we can say that mobile application development or android app development plays a pivotal role in manufacturing smartphones todays.    

Current Trend of Mobile Application

If we talk about current mobile app trends then we find that there are various types of operating systems are ruling on smartphones. For example, we find Android OS (Google Inc.), Bada (Samsung Electronics), BlackBerry OS (Research In Motion), iPhone OS / iOS (Apple), MeeGo OS (Nokia and Intel), Palm OS (Garnet OS), Symbian OS (Nokia), webOS (Palm/HP), and some others operating system in the mobile world. Out of them, the android operating system is the most popular one because it is compatible with many mobile phone brands. However, while taking a look at the current statistics and trends we find that there are 8.93 million total mobile phone applications exist and out of them, 2.87 million apps are powered by android.    

In Pakistan the trend of using mobile phone is high. A survey has revealed that almost 75% of people in Pakistan have their own mobile phones. It is calculated that 164.9 million mobile phone users exist in Pakistan and out of them
27,730,000 are users of android phones. This large number of users can show the scope of android app development in Pakistan. With respect to using smartphones in Pakistan, the country occupies 48th rank throughout the world.

Scope of Android App Development in Pakistan

The trend of using smartphones and to develop android apps is mot limited. The trends are increasing day after day and Pakistan is not exceptional in this trend. With the increasing demand for smartphones and android applications, in Pakistan, a large number of software companies have been established. The businesses and the services are turning to online and all they require mobile applications to be good competitors. So, the increasing demand of the customers is also increasing the scope of android app development in Pakistan. The android app developers are earning a lot if they are professional and sincere in their profession.

Average Mobile Application Cost

The following is the average cost of the android mobile application. From the given details the business can take the idea that how much they are required to spend to start or enhance their services or business. However, at the same time, users can also take the idea that how much a mobile application developer can earn in Pakistan:

·         Elementary App Cost Ranges Between 550,000 PKR to 5,050,000 PKR

·         Standard App Cost Ranges Between 750,000 PKR to 10,050,000 PKR

·         Complex App Cost Ranges Between 1,050,000 PKR to 10,050,000 PKR

·         High-Tech App Cost Ranges Between 1,050,000 PKR to 10,050,000 PKR


What are The Advantages of Mobile Application

The scope of a thing depends upon the usage and the benefits of that particular thing. Here we would also like to describe the scope of the android app development in light of the uses of the android apps in Pakistan:

  • Online Access:

Your customers can easily get online access to your services while using a mobile phone application.

  • Updates:

With the help of mobile apps the businesses are getting grown because with the help of mobile apps the customers get the push notifications and updates that push them towards your services and consequently the business grows.

Advantages Mobile App

  • Increase Revenue:

Under the influence of online marketing, businesses are getting developed. Within fewer time consumptions the engagement of excessive customers is possible. This fact has helped businesses a lot to increase their revenue.

  • Business Improvement:

While having an online presence, the customers access you and also share their experiences and feedback with you that to what extent your services are good or bad. So, your business gets the chance to improve with the help of the mobile application.

  • 24/7 Availability:

Another main benefit the mobile apps offer is that the customers can not only reach you online but they can reach you anytime when they need.    

Map It Out with Softsolutions

Through the discussion, we conclude that the mobile application or android app trend has become a popular trend and with the extension in the trend the scope is also getting extended. Those who are looking to have mobile applications for the betterment of their businesses are invited by a mobile app development agency, Softsolutions to make your business a part of this famous trend of the world.