Today the mobile app development trend is growing swiftly. From across the world, we find 2.7 billion users of smartphones and 1.35 billion users of tablets. What users would do with their smartphones and tablets? Well, it is reported that 90% of mobile using time is spent on mobile apps.

Sometimes, we find bugs that make an app performance slow and destructive. According to a report made on mobile application bugs in 2017, it came to see that almost 88% of users abandon the use of the app because of the bugs and glitches.

Well, having bugs in a mobile application is not a big deal. But the big deal is to find these bugs to bring back the working efficiency of an application. If you are also suffering from the same problem then hopefully we can say that these below-given tips would be helpful to find out the bugs from your mobile application to make your app efficient again:

Understanding of Application

The very basic tip to find the bugs is to have the complete knowledge or understanding about that particular mobile app to which you are going to maintain. For example, you have the complete idea that what the application is, how it is designed, and where the possibilities of bugs can be found, and how you can solve the bug’s problems. All these points of understanding are necessary before going to test a mobile application. 

Analytics and Monitoring Tools

  • Use of Analytics and Monitoring Tools

You have obtained the complete designing and development knowledge about a mobile application, now this is the time to get some analytical and monitoring approaches. There are several tools to analyze or monitoring an application are, currently, using in the markets or by the Mobile Application Development Company to get proper reporting about app performance. Use anyone of these tools to get the idea that at which part the problem takes place.

  • Automation System

The automation system is using to trace the bugs and issues in an application automatically. You are not required to make an effort of testing manually to find out that at which part of the mobile application the problem exists. With the help of the automation system, you can find a complete report that where the problem is. This method has reduced the manual labor and effort of the developers and this has also helped a lot of saving time while fixing the bugs in an application. If you are looking to find the basic issues instantly or effectively then run your mobile application through an automated test tool. You can find several mobile automation testing tools in the market. The developers have a good approach while choosing or using automation testing tools to take a complete view of the application.

  • Get Customers’ Feedback

Another useful tip of getting the complete idea about the performance of your mobile application is to get the feedback from the users’ side. Users use the application in such a way that they need a friendly-using application that can offer them the potential benefits. Ask your customers or users about the services and features that to what extent they are satisfied with the services of a particular application and what are the things need to be modified. When there is destruction comes to see while using an application by the users’ end they report them and this will help the development company to fix it according to the users' perspective.   

  • Go Through UI Testing

UI testing evaluates a system from start to finish. It ensures the functions and flows of an application perfectly. Within the testing chain, the UI test system is the last approach and this is the reason that it is crucial. UI operating system is delicate and, somehow, complex to use and maintain. It takes many steps to offer a miniature detail about an application. So, the UI testing system is a time-consuming method while operating manually. However, it is also to be informed to the users that automated UI testing tools are too expensive that every single developer or mobile application development company cannot afford easily.

However, in order to create a perfect mobile application the steps of testing an application in the correct order, management of test environment, the use of test cases designed with the perspective of an end-user all are crucial.

Bugs Fixing Plan

  • Bugs Fixing Plan

The work of a developer and a mobile app development company is not halted after finding out the bugs within an application that was the reason for the bad performance. The main task starts after finding the problems. This task is about to fix these bugs. Now, it is the responsibility of the Mobile App Development company to fix the bugs in such a manner that they won’t get rebirth in an application.

  • Perform Several Tests

So, you have found the possible errors and also tried to fix them through several fixing tools, now it is the time to save the changes and to upload your application again to the play store to facilitate the users with the particular services you have arranged. Now, the last but crucial tip for you is to test your application several times. Do not restrict the testing process until your own devices. But, run your application through different devices to check out the working performance.

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