The mobile game trend is not new. Mobile games have been developing since the arrival of the smartphone. Today, the trend is very common throughout the world. However, Game development in Pakistan has also become a common trend and we are finding mobile games of several types and nature to play. Here we are going to make a discussion that to what extent the mobile game trend and its revenue have reached. However, at the same time, we would discuss the common mistakes the developers make while developing a gaming app and how they get improved in the development.

Trend of Gaming in the World

Three types of game markets have been running globally. These are included in the mobile games market, console games market, and the PC games market, etc. The statistics show that mobile games cover 51% of global revenue in the gaming industry. However, console games and PC games cover 25% and 24% of global revenue respectively. In 2019, the global mobile game revenue was calculated as $151.9 billion. However, it is expected that by the end of 2020 the mobile games' global revenue will be reached almost $166 billion. Mobile Game Development

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List of The Most Common Mistakes Mobile Game Developers Make:

  • Try To Make A Big Game

While thinking to develop a game the developers have ideas of epic games in their minds that were attracted gamers a lot and acquired great popularity throughout the world. With the same ideas, they try to make a big game even in their first attempt. But, generally, it has been seen that at the end of the development the developers find nothing that is said to be epic or catchier. This is because of a lack of experience. In the development field, experience plays a crucial role. So, for the beginners, the idea is to start with the basic planning and short games to make more practice and bring improvements.     

  • Specific Audience is Not Targeted

All the games are not accepted globally. If in one particular region the game is loved by the users and gamers then it does not mean that the gamers throughout the world are fascinating with the particular idea you have introduced. Specific games are loved by the specific community. Some people love hardcore games, some people love casual games, some people love epic games, and others to kill their boredom. Many game development companies in Pakistan especially beginners make the mistake that they do not target the specific audience. However, the best way for you is to target the specific audience.  

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  • Difficult Levels with Incorrect Setting

It is observed that when a beginner tries to add the difficulty or difficult levels in the game, he does not know the proper way to bring a change in the game. The difficulty, sometimes, goes too hard and, sometimes, it is too easy to manage or play. This thing brings the users under the unsatisfied condition. In order to cover this dilemma, the developer should release the game first among the testing developers or team to find out the accuracy in the difficult levels.   

  • Copy Ideas of Others

One of the most common mistakes makes by mobile game developers is that they copy others’ ideas. Users or gamers come to your games with the thoughts to get something new and better. But, when they find similar ideas they become disappointed and uninstall the games instantly. The suggestion for the developers is that they are going to make the full efforts and investing both time and money then why they should not try to bring creativity into their work? The developers should be creative and bring new ideas for users and gamers.

  • Player Needs is Important

While developing a game, the developers should not think about their personal experience that what they want to add to the games. Instead of this, they have to make a proper search that what is the users’ intent. What adventures and actions a user needs in an epic game, what types of download requirements they can afford, what mode of game allures what type of people, the developer should have proper research on these things before going to develop a game.

Player Needs Important

  • Failed To Localize The Game

In the case that you are going to launch the game globally then you have to make it localized. For example, the developers must add language translation about particular regions. Moreover, a special cultural and ad touch must be included according to the particular region to make your content more popular among the specific and targeted nations.

  • Lack of Guidance “How To Play”

When a new game comes to launch everyone wants to get the proper knowledge of the game. When a user comes to know the story of the game then he tries to play the game. But, before playing a particular game every user requires to have proper rules and regulations that how to play the game. This is the biggest blunder that comes to see from the developers’ side especially from the beginners that they do not offer the proper guidance to the users that how to play. Well, the tip for you is to offer a proper guide about the game before going to officially launch your game.

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  • To Release Game Before its Final Development

In the end, the developers are advised to launch the games when these are developed and functionalized completely. If you launch the game before certain changes and updates then it would be difficult for the users to take the idea whether it was a good decision of them to install this game or not. Keep in mind that the user always attracts through the first impression of the games.

The Final Thoughts

With the developed trend of the games or gaming app, the competition around the world is increasing. Under this situation to launch a new game or gaming app is such a challenging task. But, the proper planning and the effort of the professional developers can reach your ideas to success. So, put your idea to the expert and safe hands that you can get from the app development team of Softsolutions.