The year 2020 can be said as an epic because of the advancement in technology. Things are evolving time and again and the advancement in technology is on its peak in this era. Here we have discussed the new trends in mobile app development services that have made the use of mobile apps more efficient and secure: 

Blockchain Technology

Instead of launching this technology a couple of years ago, it is still in the latest trends. Many financial investors and institutions are still getting huge benefits by using this technology in mobile app development. Transparency Market Research has shown that it is predicted that blockchain technology will hit 20$ billion by 2024. For obtaining the benefits from this technology your developer should be familiarized with this technology. However, the use of technology can be possible through accessibility which can be done by investors. 

  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are not new terms taking as the latest Trends in Mobile Application Development. In this era majority of the people or developers are familiar with this technology and are using the technology on a large scale to get instant development results. An estimation has done by the International Data Corporation according to which the artificial intelligence market will hit 40$ billion by 2020. Today, artificial intelligence is using in almost all aspects of life. With the help of artificial intelligence, the manufacturing and medical fields have brought great efficiency in their working ability.  

  • On-Demand Apps

In the world of app development, things are going to be more interesting with the increasing demand for on-demand applications. We are finding countless on-demand mobile apps right now on the play stores. It is expecting that more on-demand apps are ready to be launched in 2020. The best examples of on-demand apps are Uber, and Taxify. Appinventive had declared a report according to which on-demand app platforms had reached $106.83 million by 2017. The trend is still going on and by 2020 the revenue would be increased rapidly.

Chatbots app

  • Chatbots

In the mobile app world, Chatbots technology or trend is taking over various communication aspects by 2020. The technology is an attribute to cover the need for real-time interactions between the customers and service providers. The aim of this technology is to bring human-to-human interaction which is the need of this modern era. That’s the reason that this technology is most evolving.

  • Internet Of Things, IoT

The Internet of things has also evolved among the major industries in a short time duration. It’s been expecting that the trend would get more evolved in many sectors especially in education and eCommerce sectors. With the help of this technology, we can interlink various aspects of a company or an organization. This is the reason that the technology is becoming more and more popular among well-established organizations to keep their working standard strong. Basically, IoT helps in experiencing the expedient and faster access to data within an organization.

Integration of Wearable Apps

  • Integration of Wearable Apps

In recent times, there are sectors that made use of wearable apps even on a day to day basis and the medical sector is the most prominent one in this fact. For example, we have seen that the apps are using to get some exceptional benefits such as we can check blood pressure level and sugar level of the patients. Besides medical fields, there are many other sectors that have changed the living style of the people. For example, today we are using smartwatches and because of them, we are getting several benefits. For example, Today several companies are looking for their services integrations through smartwatches. 

  • Introduction Of Instant Apps

When the discussion comes about memory-efficient services and user-friendly services we definitely move on mobile apps. In recent times this trend has become more prominent and famous among the people, especially mobile users. Things are still the same in 2020 and will have more access in the coming years because of this feature. There are some examples of these services and apps such as BuzzFeed, OneFootbal, and NewYork Times are most famous today. These apps also help to extend the users’ base. Well, wise investors who are investing in this platform or trend will have many benefits or huge profits annually. 

  • Beacon Technology

Beacon technology is also not a new trend but it is still in use even in 2020 and this will go long in the coming years too. It is also expected that the developers are bringing new features that would be more user friendly and efficient. For example, technology is becoming more unified to reach out to users at specific points, the example is the airport.

Mobile Payments Trend

  • Mobile Payments Trend

Today we are using mobile phones to transfer or to receive money from across the world within no time. All this has become possible just because of mobile apps development or the Latest Mobile App Trends. Examples of these trends are bank apps, PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and some others. This trend has evolved rapidly from recent times. The reason behind it is that the trend has made life more easy and efficient. Money is the basics of all solution and if you have the ability to arrange money on time then you can perform various tasks efficiently.  

  • Biometric Advancements

To provide proper and advanced security to mobile devices now we are using biometric advancements through mobile apps. For example, the advancements or features of voice recognition, facial recognition, signature recognition, and fingerprint recognition, etc. we are using to make our devices more secure and save and all this have become possible because of the mobile app development

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